Destin Nguyen, Claire Ransome, Frank Carter, Anita Carter and Simon Kearney (L to R) Members of the Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia’s delegation to the 28th General Conference of The World Fellowship of Buddhists held in Seoul, Korea during September 2016, presenting an offering of all the minutes of the Conference to the Secretary General of The WFB, Mr Phallop Thaiarry.

World Fellowship of Buddhists

The World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) is an international Buddhist organization founded in 1950 in Sri Lanka by representatives from 27 nations.

The headquarters of the organisation are in Thailand and there are approximately 140 Regional centers located around the world in 35 countries, including traditional Asian Buddhist countries as well as Western countries such as the United States, Australia and several nations of Europe and Africa.

The aims and objectives of the World Fellowship of Buddhists are:

  • To promote among the members strict observance and practice of the teachings of the Buddha
  • To secure unity, solidarity, and brotherhood amongst Buddhists
  • To propagate the sublime doctrine of the Buddha
  • To organize and carry on activities in the field of social, educational, cultural and other humanitarian services
  • To work for happiness, harmony and peace on earth and to collaborate with other organizations working for the same ends.

The Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd was granted a charter as an Australian Regional Centre of The World Fellowship of Buddhists on the 22nd of October 1990. Frank Carter B.Ec., a Director of the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd, was appointed Honorary Assistant Secretary-General to the WFB Secretariat in 2011.