Buddha Dhamma Teachings

Practical guidance and instructions on how to apply the Buddha’s Teachings in our everyday lives.

Library Heritage Collection

Providing a Heritage Multilingual Reference Library for Buddha Dhamma Scholars and Practitioners.

Chanting Sheet (PDF)

Video Collection

Light of Understanding (Video Series)

A collection of instructional, online videos.

Written Scripts

Merit for the Path (PDF)

Practice of Renunciation (PDF)

What is Buddha Dhamma? (PDF)

Learn to Practice Buddhism (Online)

A nine part introduction to Buddhism (and a do it yourself approach to happiness)

Buddha Dhamma Questions and Answers (PDF)

Anguttara Nikaaya I – Ruupaadii – Ekaka Vagga I (PDF)

Translated from Pali by Sister M. Uppalawanna

The Buddha (PDF)

Venerable Piyadassi Thera of Sri Lanka

Precious Human Birth (PDF)

Transcription of a talk given by Venerable Bhante Kassapa

The Way of the Kitchen (PDF)

A guide to Buddhist Practice within the Kitchen

Mistakes in Meditation (PDF)

A Summary written from the book “Buddhist Meditation Systematic and Practical” by the Buddhist Yogi CM Chen

How to Make the Most of a Bhavana Course (PDF)

The purpose of this article is to provide the student with clear instructions that are easy to follow

The Meaning of Dukkha (PDF)

Summary of a talk given by the Venerable Phra Khantipalo at the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd on 14 March 1982

Buddhism Begins Where Other Religions End (PDF)

Summary of a talk given by the Venerable Ananda Mangala at the Victorian Buddhist Society on 21 February 1982

Compassion in Action (PDF)

Notes written by students from a public talk by His Eminence Luding Khenchen Rinpoche, given at the Camberwell Civic Centre, Melbourne on 6 April 2004

Introduction to Teaching Buddha Dhamma (PDF)

Transcribed and adapted from teachings given by Anita Carter in 2010

Yoniso Manasikara – Wise Attention (PDF)

A short study on the Cultivation of Yoniso Manasikara (Wise Attention) based on the Yoniso Manasikara Sampada Sutta

Dhamma Talks

Dhamma Talk on Yoniso Manasikara by Venerable Vijitha Wansa (Audio)

Recorded at the Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia, December 2013 with kind permission from the Venerable Vijitha Wansa.

Length of talk 01:02:59 minutes

Dhamma Talk on Appropriate Attention and Stream Entry by Ajahn Pasanno (Audio)

Recorded at the Angela Center in Santa Rosa on November 18th, 2012 during the Annual Monastic Retreat.  Reproduced by the Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia.

Reference: http://www.abhayagiri.org/audio/appropriate-attention-and-stream-entry

Length of talk 46:30 minutes.