The ancient ruins of Nalanda Buddhist University, India

Anita Carter R.N.Div1

Anita Carter is the Spiritual Director and Abbot of the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd. Anita was born in India on 4th May 1961, in Delhi. She is the eldest of five children having four younger brothers. Her family settled in Australia in 1971. Anita attended St Monica’s primary school and St Columba’s College and commenced her nursing training at the Austin hospital in 1981.

In 1996 she became a student at the Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia and commenced her study of Buddha Dhamma.  Her love for the Dhamma made her decide to assist in helping to run the Buddhist Discussion Centre and committed to a life of study and practice of Buddha Dhamma.  She continued her commitment to run the Center after the passing away of the Founder, the late John D. Hughes in 2003.

As abbot and resident Dhamma Teacher she has maintained the key objectives of the Centre as a place of learning, practice, realization and preservation of the Buddha Dhamma.

She has ensured the centre keeps to its objectives as a Regional Centre of The World Fellowship of Buddhists and ensured that a delegation of members is sent for each International WFB conference to assist with the rapporteuring activities. She has engaged the centre in supporting the annual Victorian United Nations Vesak Day commemoration. She has maintained the teaching program at the centre and recently received the 2011 Outstanding Women in Buddhism Award in honour of the UN International Women’s Day presented to her in Bangkok Thailand.

Anita is an inspiration and mentor to many Buddhist and non-Buddhist Women. “Buddhism gives a lot of strength to women in particularly and holds them in very high esteem,” she says. “I’ve really analysed this a lot because I have never understood the divisions between men and women in society, so I think this is an important message to communicate.”

Anita continues to attend Buddhist conferences around the world as the Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia’s representative.  In 2011 she led a pilgrimage of the centre’s Members to the sacred Buddhist sites in India. Since marrying long-term member Frank Carter in 2005 the two have worked on maintaining the temple and establishing it into the current world environment.

“This temple is such a beautiful place,” she says, “I will care for the centre and its Members for the rest of my life.”

Anita Carter (third from left), Abbot of The Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia, at the Outstanding Women in Buddhism Awards Ceremony in Bangkok Thailand on the 4th of March 2011, organised by the World Buddhist University. Anita was a joint recipient of the Outstanding Woman in Buddhism Award as chosen by international committee of scholars and Buddhist monastics.