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The Chan Altar at the Chan Painting Exhibition by the Chan Academy on 7 June 2009

We acknowledge the Chan Masters of the past, present and future.

Chan Academy is a registered business name of the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd.

The Seven Factors of Enlightenment
Chan Academy Australia - Sumi-e classes 2003

Ten Chan Masters painted by Andre Sollier
Exhibition of Paintings

The Way of the Brush
Classes in Sumi-e

Canvassing the Four Seasons
Exhibition Catalogue for Auction 9 September 2002

The Ancient Way of Chan - Timeless, Practical, Relevant in the 21st Century
Chan Academy Multimedia Presentation

Chan Academy Multimedia Application Documentation
A Masters in Education (Information and Communication Technologies) project
Created by Pennie White B.A., Dip. Ed.

Chan Paintings by John D. Hughes and Sumi-e Paintings by Andre Sollier
Exhibitions of Paintings

Visit to Phillip Island and the home of the Dragon King
11 - 13 September 2002, Photographs by Anita Hughes


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