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Picture of the 'Medicine Buddha Altar' in our Main Hall.

Om Namo Bhagavati, Bhaisaijya Guru Vaitureya
Prabha Rajaya Tathagataya Arhati Samyak-Sambuddhaya
Tadyatha Om, Bhaisaijyi, Bhaisaijyi, Bhaisaijya,
Samudgati Svaha.

April 2003

Photographer: Julian Bamford

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Incorporating the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd. Newsletter and the Chan Academy# Newsletter.
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"The gift of Dhamma excels all other gifts".

Table of Contents

Abhidhamma class 42, 8 April 2003: Kaya-kammannata and Citta-kammannata

Abhidhamma class 43, 15 April 2003: Kaya-pagunnata and Citta-pagunnata

Abhidhamma class 44, 22 April 2003: Kayujjukata and Cittujjukata

Abhidhamma class 45, 29 April 2003: Virati Cetasikas

Abhidhamma class 46, 6 May 2003: Samma-vacca - Right speech

Abhidhamma class 47, 13 May 2003: Samma-kammanta - Right action

Abhidhamma class 48, 20 May 2003: Samma-ajiva - Right livelihood

Abhidhamma class 49, 27 May 2003: Karuna and Mudita

Abhidhamma class 50, 3 June 2003: Pannindriya

Abhidhamma class 51, 10 June 2003: Association of each cetasika with different cittas

Abhidhamma class 52, 17 June 2003: Review of merit needed by participants for Abhidhamma Teaching at our Centre 2002 to 2011 CE

Blessings and photographs from the Venerable Master Ru-Sun's visits to Master John D. Hughes in hospital April 2003

Buddha Dhamma Teaching by the Venerable Dhammavihari, 18 April 2003 - photographs

Practicality in Buddha Dhamma Practice- Excerpt from the Buddhist Hour Radio Broadcast 20 April 2003, with recollections of Venerable Dhammavihari's teaching from 18 April 2003

Winter Five Day Bhavana Course June 2003: "How we can renew our will to practice: The Way of the Garden"

Letter to Mr John D. Hughes from the Venerable Archarya Bhikkhu Shastri, International Brotherhood Mission, Assam, India, 30 May 2003

The merit of this edition of the Buddha Dhyana Dana Review is dedicated to Buddha Dhamma practitioners John D. Hughes and his wife Anita M. Hughes.

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