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Tribute to Melba Nielsen

9/12/1939 – 30/07/2019

On behalf of all past, present and future Members of the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd, we pay tribute to our dear friend Melba Nielsen, who passed away on Tuesday 30th July 2019, in Cairns, QLD.

Melba was born on the 9th of December 1939, in Strahan on the west coast of Tasmania.

Melba first visited 33 Brooking Street, Upwey in 1976, before the Centre was founded, and was present at the inaugural meeting of the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd on the 9th of September 1978. A past Treasurer and Director of our Centre, Melba was a founding member of the Chan Academy in 1986 and was elected as a Life member in 2007.

Melba was a true friend to all of us, our kalyanamitra, our Chan painting Teacher and later on our Chan Academy Patron. Melba always expressed great affection for our founder and to our Centre. Melba has left her legacy as a Chan painter and Teacher to the Chan Academy in the form of her illustrated Chan painting teaching manuals.

We share our merits with her, and with the loved ones she has left behind, in particular her son, Peter.

We send our heartfelt love and sympathy to them at this difficult time.

May Melba Nielsen be well and happy.

40th Anniversary Celebrations

On the 9th of September, 2018, the Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia celebrated our 40th Anniversary and 40 years of Buddhist Learning and Practice.

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  • Buddha Image Room Building Project
  • Construction of a beautiful new temple room to house our largest Sakyamuni Buddha image will commence at our Centre this year. The new room will enclose an existing deck and protect our wonderful Buddha image. The design includes large fold-away glass doors allowing our Buddha image to be easily viewed from the surrounding gardens during outdoor events.

    Please click to donate to this great project.

  • Bringing Wisdom to Life Book Published
  • The Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia has published our first book titled "Bringing Wisdom To Life". This book is a culmination of Teachings given at the Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia over the past forty years. It is a practical guide for implementing the Buddha Dhamma in everyday life. To purchase a copy for $19.95 please email [email]wbu@bdcu.org.au[/email]. Click here for further information.
  • 40th Anniversary Celebrations
  • The Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia celebrated our 40th Anniversary on Sunday the 9th of September 2018.

    Around 135 people attended our celebration including 19 Buddhist Monks and 2 Buddhist Nuns representing many of Melbourne's Buddhist Temples.

    The event also included a Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for a new building to house the Centre's main Buddha image and a book launch.

    For more photos please visit our facebook page at Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia

  • Chan Painting Classes 2019
  • Chan Painting
  • Chan Painting Classes are conducted monthly throughout the year on Saturday mornings from 11.00am.

    Please click here for information about Chan Painting and the 2019 class date.

  • Buddhist Teaching and Meditation
  • Weekly Saturday evening Buddhist teaching and meditation class from 7.30pm to 9.30pm guided by a Buddhist Monk or Nun or resident lay teachers.

    Classes are free of charge.