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We would like to share an ancient health recipe offered recently by Korean born Supreme Master Dae Poep Sa Nim to over 40 Yun Hwa Dharma centres located around the world for these difficult times. The main ingredient in the recipe, white Asian radish, can be purchased from many large grocery stores.

“This ancient recipe is good for coughing and uncomfortable chest problems. This is a great remedy for sore throat and to prevent viruses. It also enhances the immune system.

The name of this recipe is Honey Daikon and is comprised of white Asian radish in squares and placed in a glass jar. When the jar is full put a couple of teaspoons of honey and refrigerate it. Then, about 12 hours later, water can be seen coming out of the radish. This is similar to an H2O molecule, where hydrogen and oxygen bond together to form water.

Then drink a couple of teaspoons of that water and chew a couple of pieces of the radish. Those of you who are allergic to honey can just chew a couple of pieces of the radish. This tastes good and will relive chest problems as well as other difficulties in the body.

Also, any left-over radish should be put in soup or sautéed, and used as a sauce. This will benefit and help you for not only the cold viruses but all sorts of other viruses too”.

May you be well and happy.

Crowdfunding for our Buddha Image Pavilion

We are delighted to invite you to share in crowdfunding to create our beautiful new Golden Buddha Image Pavilion.

Please visit our Go Fund Me page to help provide a wonderful space for our unique Buddha image.

Please feel free to share our Go Fund Me campaign with your family and friends, and on your Facebook page.

Thank you for your kind help and support which we greatly appreciate!

40th Anniversary Celebrations

On the 9th of September, 2018, the Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia celebrated our 40th Anniversary and 40 years of Buddhist Learning and Practice.

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  • Message from the BDCU in regards to COVID-19
  • Message from the BDCU in regards to COVID-19: May you and your loved ones stay safe and calm during this challenging time. We have decided to close our Centre for two weeks which includes cancelling all classes and visitations. These arrangements will be reassessed on 3rd April 2020.

    In the meantime, please join our online Dhamma classes via Zoom on Saturday evenings from 8.00pm. If you wish to join us online please email us at [email]wbu@bdcu.org.au[/email]

    May all beings be safe, well and happy!

  • Bringing Wisdom to Life Book Published
  • The Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia has published our first book titled "Bringing Wisdom To Life". This book is a culmination of Teachings given at the Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia over the past forty years. It is a practical guide for implementing the Buddha Dhamma in everyday life. To purchase a copy for $16.95 please email [email]wbu@bdcu.org.au[/email]. Click here for further information.
  • Buddhist Teaching and Meditation
  • Weekly Saturday evening Buddhist teaching and meditation class from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm guided by a Buddhist Monk or Nun or resident lay teachers.

    Classes are free of charge.